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Villa Rica, Georgia

About Us
We are the Friends of the City Cemeteries, a non-profit organization partnering with the City of Villa Rica to protect and improve Villa Rica's three city-owned cemeteries. Our mission is to preserve these sacred places while educating the community on their historical and cultural importance.
Let's work together to ensure that these cemeteries remain a beautiful and respectful place for generations to come.
Our Cemeteries
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Garden of Rest

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Old Villa Rica

Frequently Asked Questions

CAN I CLEAN A HEADSTONE AT ONE OF THE CEMETERIES? While it is the responsibility of the plot owner and members of the deceased's family to maintain the plot, it is imperative to consult a cemetery conservator before cleaning or repair efforts are made. Our volunteers are happy to share their knowledge and training on the proper techniques for cleaning and repairing headstones. Please see our events calendar for our next workday or contact us in the form below. No one ever sets out to damage a tombstone or monument. Even acting with the best of intentions can do permanent damage. It's about being armed with good information so you can make better decisions. Because no one sets out to damage a headstone. It often happens because people are uninformed about what to do. Good cemetery preservation is not complicated. It's about good techniques and good products. We follow the 'Do No Harm' preservation methods advocated by the U.S. National Center for Preservation Technology and Training, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources: Preservation Office, and the Cemetery Conservators for United Standards. Please see the Cemetery Conservators for United Standards link for easy-to-understand cleaning and repair methods.

CAN YOU HELP ME CLEAN ANOTHER CEMETERY? The Friends of the City Cemeteries was established to work exclusively with the City of Villa Rica to preserve and improve the city cemeteries. So as a group, we do not go to other cemeteries to work, but many of our members volunteer at other cemeteries. Don't hesitate to contact us if you know a local cemetery needs help. We can always spread the word to others if we cannot help.

Coming Up Next


See our calendar for all volunteer days

We hold two-hour workdays on the second Friday or Saturday of each month, depending on the weather.

Activities range from general clean-up to gardening or cleaning and repairing headstones.

Events are open to everyone. Join us to help or watch and learn.

Support Us

Current restoration efforts and future endeavors are possible ONLY with the continued help of our supporters.

Join a dedicated volunteer group working to sustain Villa Rica's link to its past.

Volunteer opportunities include landscape clean-up and gardening, headstone cleaning and repairs, tour guides, geology research, social media, fundraising, and grant writing.


Anyone interested is encouraged to join us for any workdays posted in our events calendar and on Facebook. 


Donations of any amount help us complete preservation projects, including cleaning and repairs, and continue beautification projects. 

Tax-deductible donations can be made online through the
Community Foundation of West Georgia or Villa Rica City Hall. 

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Whether you're interested in volunteering, donating, or simply learning more about the history of our community,
please join us. Together, we can ensure the preservation of our beautiful cemeteries. 

* One-time volunteer
* Join a volunteer project
* One-time donation

Thanks for submitting!

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