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Sallie [Floyd] Chambers

Born:  September 1862
Death:  December 1886
Age: 24
Married:  Charles Emery Chambers                             

Sallie Floyd Chambers is buried next to her father, John Stovall Floyd of Buchanan. Sallie's mother, Harriett Rebecca Heath, is buried in Old Campbell County, today known as Douglas County.

Sallie was the second wife of Charles Emery Chambers, who were married just briefly before her death. 


  • Style:  
    Upright headstone with a rooftop on a single base.


  • Symbols: 
        At the top is a cross passing through a crown. The             crown is a symbol of the sovereignty of the Lord.

Sally Floyd Chambers
March 2023
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Discrepancy note: A entry claims Sallie's father, John Stovall Floyd, is buried in Savannah, Georgia, but his plot lies next to Sallie's at the Old Villa Rica Cemetery. 

L-R John Stovall Floyd, Sallie Floyd Chambers, NellieF. Conner

March 2019

August 2019

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  • Sprayed and left on undiluted D2 Biological Solution

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May 2023
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