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William Pleasant Hill

Nov. 24, 1804 - June 11, 1876

Born:  November 24, 1804
Death:  June 11, 1876
Age: 72
Married:  Martha Carmen or Martha Carnine 

Military Service: Pvt Co. E, 1st Georgia Cavalry      


  • Naomi C Hill Leatherwood (1844-1918)

  • Jessie C Hill (1860-1901)

Martha Hill and William P. Hill's headstones

William and Martha were married in Jackson County, Georgia, on July 10, 1824. 
Listed in the Marriages--Georgia to 1850 compiled by 

October 2019


  • Style: tablet made of grey/blue slate

  • Symbols:  Sun, sun disk, leaves or flowers
         A sun is in the top center of the headstone with a         simplistic sun disk across the top. A sun disk is a           winged disk and the Egyptian symbol of the sun 
         god Ra. It symbolizes the power to recreate and           means  “God, Lord over all, Creator."


           On either side of the sun is a plant stem with five
           heart-shaped leaves or flowers.

October 2019

William's obituary appeared in
the Carroll County Times
(June 16, 1876).

Transcription of William's Obituary

Died at Villa Rica just as the first grey streaks of morning announced the dawn of the Sabbath, June 11th, 1876. Mr. Willliam Hill in the 72nd year of his age. Mr. Hill or uncle Billy as he was most usually called, had been for many years a resident of that neighborhood. He was universally regarded as a good man, a man whose quiet unassuming constant life, secured for him the most perfect confidence of all those who knew him and gave weight and honor to the profession of religion he had so long made.
Mr. Hill had been a member, and an Elder, in the Presbyterian church at Villa Rica, from the time of its organization. The writer of this brief tribute to his memory and his worth, knows of no one to whom the coins (indecipherable) given to Nathaniel can be more fitly applied. "Behold an Israelite indeed in whom is no guile."

In the quiet hour of the Sabbath evening we committed to the grave the body that had been so long and so severely afflicted, in sure and certain hope of a resurrection to eternal dishonor and corruption, shall be raised in incorruption power and glory. 

HILL CU MARCH 2020.jpg
William Hill Obit.jpg

William's death was also announced in the Atlanta Constitution (June 18, 1876).

Mementos placed at William's headstone

Martha [Carmen or Carnine] Hill

Sept. 1, 1804 - Sept. 18, 1880

Born:  September 1, 1804
Death:  September 18, 1880
Age: 76
Married:  William Pleasant Hill   


  • Naomi C Hill Leatherwood (1844-1918)

  • Jessie C Hill (1860-1901)

HILL 1870 CENSUS.jpg
HILL 1870 CENSUS.jpg

In the 1870 Federal Census, William (65) and Martha (68) were living in Villa Rica. William's occupation was a farmer. Martha was 'keeping house'. Living with them were Sarah (maybe Naomi) (23) and Jesse (8).

In 1866, Naomi Hill married William "Ben" Benjamin Leatherwood. They had ten children, one being William Monroe Leatherwood
(1867-1891). William is buried to the left of his grandparents, William P. Hill and Martha Hill, at Old Town Cemetery. 

Naomi C. Hill Leatherwood, her husband William Ben Leatherwood, and their son, William Monroe's twin brother, Francis Marion Leatherwood, are buried at Mount Zion Baptist Church Cemetery in Snellvile.


Martha's death was reported in the Carroll County Times on April 9, 1880.

November 2018

A small headstone lying near W. P. Hill's tablet has been moved over the years, so its original location is unknown.
The headstone has been cleaned with no distinguishable writing, but a lamb can be seen at the top.


The false tomb is in the lower left foreground.
Notice the lichen that was once on the back of Martha's headstone. One scrapping with a plastic scrapper and cleaning has killed almost all of the lichen. 

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