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Alfred Wilson Baggett

Born:  September 25, 1819, Walton County, Georgia
Death:  February 10, 1889, Villa Rica, Georgia
Age: 69
Married:  Nancy M. Jacobs
Military Service:  CSA PVT / Co K / 2 GA Res                              

Alfred and his brother, Allen R. Baggett (who married Lucinda Jacobs, sister of Nancy Jacobs, Alfred's wife), moved from Gwinnett County to Douglas County, Georgia, in the 1870s.

Alfred was a 1st Lt. in the Gwinnett County militia in 1841 and guarded prisoners at Andersonville Prison during the Civil War as a member of Company K, 2nd Georgia Reserves. The CSA pension papers of his son's widow, Willis Allen Baggett, show that because of poor health, Alfred was replaced by his son, Willis, in guarding prisoners.  


Alfred and Nancy had nine children.

March 2019
Baggetts Sept 2019_edited.jpg
L-R Alfred's two headstones and Nancy's

Discrepancy note: Find A and note his birth year 1819. The only mention of his birth being 1818 is the SCV headstone at the cemetery.


Alfred Baggett has two stones:

  • Style:  
    #1 An oval top, upright headstone
    pinned onto a block, sitting on a base
    #2 A government headstone from the SCV


  • Symbols:  Iron Cross

Alfred Baggett March 2023
Baggett CSA March 2023

Nancy M. [Jacobs] Baggett

Born:  December 26, 1824, Georgia
Death:  March 13, 1893, Villa Rica, Georgia
Married:  Alfred W. Baggett    
Age: 68
Parents: Thomas Jacobs
                Mary [Cody] Jacobs

Nancy and Alfred Baggett had one daughter, Belle Virginia Baggett Furr (1858-1945).

Thomas and Mary Jacobs moved to Gwinnett County from Walton County in 1833. Thomas Jacobs died in 1870, and Mary lived with her daughter, Elizabeth, and her husband, I. E. Aderhold.
The Aderholds were the grandparents of former University of Georgia President Omar C. Aderhold. Asa Aderhold, a brother of I. D. Aderhold, married a daughter of Allen R. Baggett and lived in Douglas County, where they raised a large family.


Nancy's sister, M. Lucinda Jacobs, married Nancy's brother-in-law,
Allen R. Baggett.


March 2023

Nancy Baggett March 2023
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News of Nancy Baggett's death appeared in the March 31, 1893 edition of The Carroll Free Press.

An article in the April 22, 1888, edition of
The Atlanta Constitution reported on an unusual incident between Alfred and Nancy Baggett.

Nancy Baggett Obit from Digital Library
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