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Before & After

Below are some before and after examples of our preservation cleaning and repairs.
Sanders repair 1 July 2023
Sanders repair 2 July 2023
Sanders repair 3 July 2023

In July 2023, we leveled and reset the headstone for Lucus Sanders and used Akemi Akepox Epoxy 5010 to connect the two pieces of his headstone.

In October 2020, the headstone for Christian Willoughby was scrubbed with Orvus Soap, sprayed with D2, and resprayed with D2 in June 2021.

William B. Candler's family plot at Hillcrest Cemetery, before and after volunteers cleaned the headstones and walls.

Joey Fernandez of Preserving Our Georgia Cemeteries, LLC, spent two days at Hillcrest Cemetery to repair the family monument of Joseph Stone, his wife, Mary, and daughter, Bessie, and the memorial of Austin Pope.

Stone family
Joey Fernandez of Preserving Our Georgia Cemeteries, LLC, repaired the fallen obelisk of W. A. Floyd and his wife, M. Francis Hearn Floyd, at Hillcrest Cemetery. 

Mark Grizzard helped Joey place the top of the obelisk, and Jeremy Dukes hoisted them up in the bucket. 
WA Floyd 2 May 21.jpg
WA Floyd 3 May 21.jpg
WA Floyd 4 May 21.jpg
WA Floyd April 23_edited.jpg

The headstone for J. S. Floyd was scrubbed with Orvus Soap and sprayed with D2. This was done first in May and again in October 2019.

The headstone for Sallie Floyd Chambers was scrubbed with Orvus Soap and sprayed with D2 in May 2019.

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