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Garden of Rest


In 1960, the City of Villa Rica established Garden of Rest Cemetery because space at Hillcrest Cemetery was running low. Garden of Rest has 36 double plots for 72 gravesites on a portion of a seven-acre parcel. 


In 2016, the Villa Rica Cemetery Committee expanded the cemetery to add burial plots and other upgrades, including a paved driveway, trash receptacles, and signage.


In 2020, the Friends of the City Cemeteries began improving the cemetery's landscaping by adding flower beds around the front sign and creating a remembrance garden with a sitting bench in the back.

GoR 2016.png
2016 aerial picture of the cemetery
GoR proptery lines.png
2021 aerial picture of the cemetery


Garden of Rest Cemetery is located on Brooks Street between Harper and Atlanta Streets, directly behind the Glanton-Hindsman Elementary School.

GoR road pic.png
GoR sat pic2_edited.jpg

Who's There

Links to obituaries and other genealogy information for those buried at
Garden of Rest. 

PDF map of the location of family plots at Garden of Rest.
A more detailed map is being created. 

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