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Josephine Elizabeth [McLarty] Mable

Born:  July 25, 1848, Georgia
Died:  September 13, 1892, Villa Rica, Georgia
Age: 44
Married:  John Mable (1843-1911)                      

In 1875, John married Martha (Mattie) Gresham Harwell Mable (1846 - 1924)

The 1880 US Federal Census records Josephine and John living in Dallas, Georgia, with their children, Robert (6) and Maggie (4).
John's occupation is teacher, and Josephine's is keeping house.  

Five rolls down are listed Josephine's father and mother, George (76) and Charity McLarty (67). 

March 2023
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Blessed are the dead
who die in the Lord.
Epitaph on Josephine's headstone

Emma P. Mable

Born:  November 8, 1870, Georgia
Died:  September 7, 1874, Villa Rica, Georgia
Age: 4

John and Josephine Mable had three children:

  • Robert Mable
        Born 18 July 1874, Villa Rica, GA
        Died 1931, New Orleans, LA

  • Emma P. Mable 1870 - 1874
  • Maggie Margaret Mable 1876 - 1958
Oct 2019
In July 2023, Akemi Akepox Epoxy 5010 was used to connect the two pieces of her headstone. It had previously been cleaned with Orvus and D2. 
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