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John Raiford Heath

Born:  October 10, 1818, Georgia
Death:  August 16, 1896
Age: 78
Married: Elisa Heath and Jane Heath
Military Service: Pvt., Co. E, 1st Regiment GA Reserves (Fannie's Reserves)                

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March 2023
John Heath's headstone is on the left side of the cemetery, near the sign. 

John Heath's life, seen through the lens of Georgia records and US Census reports, is interesting.

GA Central Register of Convicts 1817-1976 on
In 1841, John was 23 years-old, 5'9', light sandy-haired,
eye-blues, and with no occupation, and 
convicted of
Sim Larceny (theft) in Crawford, Georgia. 

1850 Census:

John (32) lived in Chambers, Alabama.
No listed occupation

He lived with:

  • Mary J. Heath (60), born in South Carolina

  • Deler (17)

  • Josephine (10)

  • Harnett (9)

  • Joseph Stolley (98), born in South Carolina. 

The value of Mary's real estate was listed as $1600

1860 Census:

John (42) lived in Randolph, Alabama, near Wedowee.
Occupation: Clock repairer


He lived with:

  • Mary J. Heath (70), farmer

  • Sarah A (19), house hand

  • William Talley (22), farmer

The value of Mary's real estate was listed as $5000.
Her personal estate value was $13,000.

1870 Census:

John (52) lived in Cross Anchor District, Campbell,
Occupation: Farm laborer


He lived with:

  • Elisa Heath (26), his wife

  • Mary Heath (4)

  • Lindy Heath (1)

The value of his personal estate was $200.

John was mustered into the Confederate Army in Atlanta on April 28, 1864. In Sept, he was sent to Andersonville. 

1880 Census:

John (62) lived in District 1297, near Whitesburg,
arroll County, Georgia.
Occupation: Farmer


He lived with:

  • Jane Heath (35), his wife

  • Mary (13)

  • Lindy (11)

  • Sarah (9)

  • Anna (7)

  • Dorah (3)

  • Wiliam (7 months)

Joe Cobb mentions the Heath family twice in his book, "Carroll County and her People" (1907). 

      "Clem, Georgia, a small but good business town, 5 miles a little southeast from Carrollton on the Central R. R. …Good citizens there include …Heath." pg. 39

     "Cross Plains is a little town seven miles east of Carrollton. ... The District is thickly settled, and there are many good farmers there such as …Heath.. and other good old and new settlers."
pg. 49


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For they shall see God
Epitaph on John's headstone

Headstone leveled and cleaned

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October 2018
Heath June_edited.jpg
June 2019
October 2019
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