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Obituaries of those buried and remembered at
Old Villa Rica Cemetery

Click below on each surname.
Linked to each surname is the genealogical information we have for each person.

Those listed below have been recorded in past surveys but have not been found.

J.E. 'John Earl' CONNER 1864-1886 s/o Richard Anderson Conner

Thomas Morton Hamilton

Elizabeth Stanley Hamilton

Hamilton children:





Elizabeth RAGAN 1872-1939
        (last Old Town burial of record)

Daughter of D.S. and M.C. RAGAN

Dan TUGGLE died in the 1930s

Lily Hamilton WALKER

Robert WHITE

Augusta Georgia WYLDS m/o Richard George
John Mable s/o Robert MABLE


Anna Elza Bivins Mann w/o John E. Mann 1835-1910

Margaret Indiana Mann 1860-1894

John E. Mann (twin) died 1852

Jo Ann Mann (twin) died 1852

Washington N. Mann 1855-1895 Wife, Ida Clark Mann

William Washington Mann s/o Washington Mann

Myrtice Jewell Rogers 1873-1892 d/o Mary E. Mann Rogers

Mary Elizabeth Mann Rogers 1869-1918

Louellen Mann Hicks, w/o Rufus Hicks

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